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We Analyze The 3 Ways To Sell Your Home In New York

If you own a home and are thinking about selling to home buyers in New York, you have several selling options available to you. Most homeowners would choose a stress-free way, where they can sell quickly, get cash, and move on with their life. But the way you sell your house will decide what outcome you’ll get.

For most people, owning a home is the largest purchase of their lives. It entails bigger responsibilities. It’s not surprising that the process of buying and selling a home can be highly complex. There are many things a seller and buyer should weigh and consider before deciding what to do next.

There are three well-known home-selling options available to homeowners like you to sell to home buyers in New York. As you think about selling your home, you need to decide which way to sell is best for you, given your goals and timeline to sell.

In this blog post, we’ll look at the three most popular ways of selling your house and which method is best for you.

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Home-Selling Method #1: Sell Through A Real Estate Agent

The most common way of selling your New York house is through a traditional real estate agent. If your home only needs minor repairs and you’re not looking to sell quickly, it will make sense to sell it with an agent. A real estate agent will list your property and help market it. They act as “middleman” by showing your house to prospective homebuyers in New York until one of those buyers decide to buy. The agent will help evaluate all the offers you’ll get and negotiate on your behalf. They will guide you through the negotiating process until you choose the best offer, and then you’ll close.

Selling through an agent can take months, usually 3-6 months. The houses that stay on the market beyond that timeframe likely sold at a steep discount. If you’re someone who can gamble on the timeline to do less work and with the hopes of getting a market price, then this might work for you. However, homeowners who choose this method will have to spend money up-front since they have to do repairs, clean the house, prepare and stage the home for showings. Sellers will also have to pay the agent fees and commissions (usually around 6%).

Home-Selling Method #2: Sell On Your Own

You can always decide to sell your home independently, known as FSBO (for sale by owner). Home sellers choose this method to save money on agent fees and commissions. The process is similar when you sell through an agent, except there’s a lot of legwork on your part.

This method help sellers have more control over marketing, pricing, and house showings. The homeowners will have to market their home, listing it on Zillow or any FSBO-focused website, do necessary repairs, and stage the home. Then, coordinate showings with potential buyers and their agents, review and negotiate offers, and close the deal.

The timeline is usually the same with selling through an agent. Sellers will also have to spend some money to do repairs to make it sellable. If you are familiar with the home selling process in your local market and not in any rush to sell your home, then this method will be reasonable. Some sellers who don’t mind the extra work involved in preparing and showing the house choose this method to avoid paying commissions.

Home-Selling Method #3: Sell Direct To Home Buyer In New York

ThiThis method of selling is gaining popularity as homeowners look for a third way to sell. If you need to sell your house fast in New York and looking for an easier way to do it, you should try this method.

Sellers won’t have to spend for anything if they decide to sell directly to professional home buyers in New York like us in Real Property Buyers with cash. Do not worry if the home is not “market-ready” because they won’t require sellers to do any repairs, unlike working with an agent. The professionals won’t list the property. Hence, the sellers don’t have to prepare for showings. They will directly buy your house as-is, for cash, and close fast.

This is good for sellers who don’t have enough time to wait for 3-6 months to sell through a traditional way. Since Real Property Buyers has cash on hand, we can buy the property right away. We make it easier for sellers; there is no expense or effort to repair the house before it’s sold. Homeowners won’t have to pay any closing costs, other fees, or agent commissions. And you have a voice in the transaction; you can negotiate the price and go to the highest offer.

These three methods have their pros and cons. It’s up to homeowners to choose which one is the best fit for them. They should consider how soon they need to sell, how much they’re willing to pay for repairs, or if they’re open to paying commissions.

As professional home buyers in New York, we love helping sellers sell their house faster, easier, and for no fees. If you want to learn more about our service and how we can help you, connect with us by filling out the form here or by calling (917) 938-7328

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